Vidali Outdoor Kitchen will be present in the prestigious setting of the Brera Design District at the Fuorisalone in Milan from 7 to 12 June 2022.

Meet the Vidali team live

Vidali’s team will be at Fuorisalone 2022 in Milan from 7 to 12 June, more precisely in the Brera Design District in Piazza San Marco (in the dOT – Outdoor Taste design), to meet the major players in the outdoor kitchen sector.

It will be an opportunity to introduce our Quid, Sunny, Quiddy and Kucino models to the public of the event in the prestigious setting of Piazza San Marco, a place full of history, art and importance.


The perfect location for a kitchen with an innovative design

San Marco can be reached by Metro M2, the green line, to Lanza station. The prestigious exhibition context was created with the aim of enhancing the architectural complex of the church of San Marco in Brera.

The young Mozart lived in this church for a few months>; it was also the scene of the world premiere of the Requiem Mass composed by Verdi on the anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni. Nearby, until the early 1900s, the paper to print the Corriere della Sera was unloaded from the boats along the canal every morning.

This large square was the second port of Milan after the dock, now it is being adapted as the largest outdoor exhibition space in the Brera area (after the Botanical Garden). It is part of the project of the Municipality of Milan to place the site at the center of the city’s landscape and urban planning attention, also for future years. In fact, it represents the union of the beautiful with the useful, a bit like the Vidali outdoor kitchens that will be exhibited at the Fuorisalone.

chiesa san marco brera

What is Fuorisalone and Brera Design Week?

The 2022 edition of Brera Design Week on stage from 6 to 12 June collects the challenges of the contemporary world and promotes the theme “Designing the present, choosing the future”.

Collecting and interpreting the needs of the present is the starting point for facing the challenges of tomorrow. The 2022 edition of the event takes shape from these needs, including exhibitions, installations, new products unveiled in the streets and in the showrooms of the city.

Through beauty and design we can cope with today’s critical issues, improving the quality of life, also discovering new opportunities for our home. In this, the mission of Vidali outdoor kitchens is absolutely aligned with that of the Brera Design Week.

See you in Milan!

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