The kitchen has always been perceived as the center of a home, as a hearth, as a place where the family gathers, a safe place where warmth – both literal and figurative – is never lacking.

All these images have one thing in common: they are set inside the house, in a warm environment that instills safety and protection. But what if it were possible to change this paradigm? What if we were able to create new places for family socializing and not even outside the home?

Cooking outdoors, a challenge accepted by Vidali

This is the challenge accepted by Vidali, a paradigm shift that brings the kitchen outdoors, the element that more than any other has always been associated with an interior space.

Outdoor kitchens have long been a reality in many places such as the United States, Australia, but also in Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece and Portugal. They allow you to experience the relationship with family, friends and even situations such as business dinners in a different way, a relationship that is certainly less schematic and more in tune with the surrounding nature.

Sunny, the convenient solution for new outdoor spaces

With a little imagination (and with solutions such as the Sunny Kitchen) the brick porch of a country house can become an additional room where you can have fun trying new recipes, sipping a good wine at sunset.

And how do we deal with the weather? Will Vidali Outdoor Kitchen products get damaged? A more than legitimate question, with an answer as simple as it is surprising: no, they won’t get ruined.

Quality and resistance on all products

Vidali products are designed in Italy to withstand any bad weather (wind, rain, sun, thermal shock, etc …), they are unique design products and their most important feature is durability.

Our outdoor kitchens are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy using quality natural materials, built through typical traditional processes and in compliance with all existing control standards.

Do you want to get involved by changing your idea of the kitchen and take advantage of the opportunities that our open-air solutions offer? Then get in touch with Vidali using the form on the site or request a free quote. We will be ready to listen to all your needs and to create a customizable product in every detail, tailor-made for you.

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