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Outdoor kitchen Barbecue: what they are and how to choose the right barbecue for your outdoor kitchen

Let’s analyze the main models of outdoor kitchen barbecues with their respective differences

We have already talked about some cooking methods, such as induction panels. Today we enter a boundless world made of embers, wood and smoking: the barbecue!

Barbecue and grilling: a tradition

The Sunday barbecue is a consolidated tradition of Italian culture, and it is more than a simple way of cooking, it is a ritual, a way to relax.

Around the grill we gather to talk about the inconveniences of the week, exchange some jokes and have a relaxing chat between a cold beer and a laugh.

There are so many barbecue and grilling enthusiasts that over time the various tricks of the trade on cooking methods have also been born: there are those who burn olive branches to obtain a perfect embers and those who study the cooking times for ad hoc smoking.

If you too want to start making the most of your outdoor – perhaps equipping a designer outdoor kitchen – and buy a nice barbecue, in this article you will find some useful information on the types of barbecues available.

Premise: Barbecue and grill are not the same thing

Some may confuse the two terms. The grill is a grid on which to cook the meat. The barbecue differs from the latter in the presence of a lid which, when closed, triggers the famous smoking process. This special type of cooking allows a greater preservation of the meat and gives it a particular flavor.

The origins of BBQ are very ancient, dating back to the time of Cristoforo Colombo when he discovered that the local populations cooked food on mats placed over embers.

Given its long tradition we will approach you with the utmost diligence.

Barbecue for outdoor kitchen: the available types

Whether you have an outdoor kitchen or not, the types of barbecues are the same. The added value of combining your barbecue with an outdoor kitchen is being able to work with greater practicality: you can prepare the condiments for the meat, place it on a shelf, cut it, prepare the side dishes. All without coming and going from home to garden. Not bad, right?

It is also important to mention the materials: metal, steel, cast iron, there are different materials available and if your barbecue will be stored outside, it is important that it is made of a material resistant to external agents.

Having said this, let’s move on to the types of Barbecue available, we will mention four:

  • Wood barbecue
  • Charcoal barbecue
  • Electric barbecue
  • Gas Barbecue

Wood Barbecue

It is the most traditional barbecue consisting of a steel or cast iron brazier and a steel plate on which to arrange the food. A solution suitable for those who can do things calmly due to the slowness in preparing the wood and reaching the right cooking temperature. Unlike the more modern gas and electric models, it requires more attention because the flame can easily be altered by the wind or by the grease dripping onto the embers. On the other hand, the flavor that this type of cooking gives is unreproducible.


Charcoal barbecue

With its lid, often hinged, the charcoal barbecue spreads the heat to obtain excellent smoking and an unmistakable taste.

Cooking on charcoal is cheaper and less expensive. Wood also takes longer to ignite while coal is more practical from this point of view.

Electric barbecue

The dominant adjective of this barbecue is “practical”. You won’t need fuel or anything, just plug in and the electric barbecue will do the rest. Electric heating cooks food on a grill, generally made of cast iron, and the result also varies according to the expense: low-cost electric barbecues hardly give a smoky flavor, while raising the budget a little you will find sophisticated solutions able (almost) to reproduce the effect of wood and charcoal.

Gas barbecue

One thing is certain: this barbecue is not aimed at traditionalists, lovers of charcoal that invades the nostrils with its persistent smell. The gas barbecue uses LPG or methane for cooking, and its main advantage is ease of use. It will seem to cook on a normal stove without having to untangle the wood, embers and fires. The gas does not dirty, so you will have little maintenance to do thanks also to the grease trays often included in this type of solution.

Conclusions: combine your barbecue with a design Outdoor Kitchen

If you are struggling with setting up your Outdoor and want to make it even more beautiful and functional, then an Outdoor Kitchen will satisfy your expectations.

Vidali’s mission is to create unique, durable Kitchens made by Italian artisans.

Ask for a free consultation for your next kitchen, we will assist you in the best possible way!

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