One of the strongest trends that emerged in the latest edition of the Milan Furniture Fair is the production of furniture designed for the outdoors, with green materials.

Sustainability is a crucial issue and the changes we are experiencing prove it: not only in the energy field but also the materials of the furnishings are receiving more and more attention.

The Covid19 pandemic has accentuated the need to have its own outdoor space, encouraging the growth of the entire sector. This is demonstrated by the data on the research trends of the year 2020 which have seen a surge in research related to “furnishing a garden” or “furnishing an exterior”.

Eco-sustainable materials

Wood, glass, stone are some of the materials chosen by great designers for furnishing solutions.

But what are some characteristics that sustainable furniture should have?

  1. It must be designed to last over time;
  2. The wood must be FSC certified, this mark identifies wood from forests managed correctly according to environmental, economic and social standards;
  3. Packaging must be reduced, and they must be made with materials that are possibly recycled or recyclable.

The most Durable Kitchen

Vidali is a careful and conscientious company in terms of sustainability: our kitchens are designed to be among the most durable on the outdoor market.

Packaging is reduced to a minimum and the technologies used are aimed at saving and reducing CO2 production.


Outdoor Kitchen

Vidali Outdoor Kitchen
Cucine da esterno Uniche Durevoli Italiane


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