If you are looking for the right appliances for your outdoor kitchen this article will introduce you to the most common, useful and interesting appliances.An outdoor kitchen gives its best when accompanied by appliances that extend its functions; these products are designed to make life easier for us, think of the dishwasher, or to add that something extra that will make the time spent outside or in veranda even more pleasant, like a comfortable TV.

The purpose of this article is therefore to examine those outdoor appliances that you hadn’t thought of, but which, if purchased, can give that something extra to your outdoor area.
Ready? Let’s go!

Outdoor kitchen refrigerator: which one to choose?

Let’s start with a very useful appliance for those who want to have a small supply of drinks or other products close at hand: the refrigerator.
If you are in the process of setting up your Outdoor Kitchen, you have realized that some models, especially the basic version, do not have a fridge or mini fridge included. The need therefore arose to understand which fridge is best to buy in order to preserve food in the best possible way.
A kitchen without a fridge is like a bedroom without a bed. It is an essential appliance that affects not only the practicality of having fresh food and drinks, but also consumption.
Your cooking habits and the number of foods you plan to store affect the type of fridge you buy. When we talk about the outdoor, we must also consider the material with which the refrigerator itself is built.

Outdoor refrigerator material

We’ve already covered the importance of choosing the right material for your everlasting kitchen.
The same philosophy applies to the refrigerator. We find on the market “vintage” solutions made of materials that are not very resistant, which if on the one hand give a particular design, on the other they put the durability of the refrigerator at risk.
Also in this case the choice depends on the layout of the outdoor area: if it is a protected open area, perhaps by a veranda, the choice of material extends; while a completely open outdoor area requires resistant materials such as stainless steel.

Mini fridge

If you don’t have particular capacity needs in your outdoor space, then the mini fridge is the ideal solution. With a capacity that can reach around 80 liters, the mini fridge can accommodate drinks, wine, some spare food and the bare necessities. If chosen with care, it can become a real complement to the design of your outdoor kitchen.
Once you have chosen the fridge, let’s move on to another must for grape juice lovers: the Wine cellar.

Wine cellars

Of all the outdoor appliances, the Wine Cellar is perhaps the most delicate to choose. In this case, there is no saving on quality, since the wrong wine cellar can quickly get ruined and ruin its precious contents.
Therefore, a good quality Wine Cellar will maintain a temperature between about 11-18° to facilitate the correct conservation of whites, reds and rosés but also of prosecco or other drinks.
The location of the same is also important: a flat and horizontal surface, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Against a higher Budget we can get additional features such as a quieter motor, temperature management with a comfortable LCD display and LED lighting.
The last aspect, as for the refrigerator, concerns the material. You can easily find stainless steel wine cellars and it is on these that we must orient ourselves if we want to position our kitchen outside.
And from the habit of wines let’s move on to what is a real necessity for those who want to save time: the dishwasher.

The must-have: Dishwasher for Outdoor Kitchen

Most modern outdoor kitchens already have a dishwasher or are in any case offered the possibility of pre-installing it. You may not be in this situation, you have opted for a cheaper solution and at this point you want to add this very convenient appliance into your setup. You’ve already experienced the benefits of the dishwasher and you can’t do without it anymore.
No problem, you can still fix it with an outdoor Dishwasher. In particular, the product you are looking for is the free-standing dishwasher, it is a type of dishwasher which, as the name also suggests, can be installed practically anywhere. It is sufficient that there are water connections to the tap and to the drains and the game is done.

When it comes to dishwashers, the choice is very wide, what we can tell you is to prefer models with a high energy class to reduce consumption, and for the same purpose, make sure that the dishwasher has different washing programs designed specifically to reduce water consumption.
Other features can be distinguished which, of course, raise the price but at the same time offer additional conveniences, such as sensors that detect dirt or self-cleaning technology.
The wine is cool, the dishes are clean, it’s time to relax in front of the last appliance on this list: the TV.

Which TV for your outdoor?

The choice of TV deserves a separate discussion, there are so many elements that contribute to the choice of a good TV. Starting with the quality of the screen, the pixels that define the definition, the size, the thickness and the supported technologies.

We therefore want to restrict our selection criteria to those few evaluations to be made for an outdoor TV.

Two of the highest risks for a TV positioned outdoors are related to the temperature and deterioration of the casing. This is why there are TVs specifically designed to resist humidity, rain and overheating. Thanks to a waterproof casing and a cooling system, these TVs are able to withstand climatic changes, even for long periods.

Then there are other needs such as positioning a TV on the wall: for this you will find special brackets and you just need a spirit level and a little patience to position your TV.

Another common difficulty for those who place a kitchen outside is the absence of a signal, in this case technologies such as Amazon Fire TV or Google TV come to our aid which, once inserted into the TV’s HDMI input, offer us numerous services including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus.

The positioning of the TV outdoors is also an important factor to take into consideration, as the external light at different times of the day can affect the monitor’s display

To all this are added the same considerations that we would make for an indoor TV: full hd or 4k, LCD or LED panel, HDR technology, etc. The more generous our budget is, the more features we could add to our TV.

We have reached the end of this roundup of the best outdoor appliances.

It is not easy to equip an all-round functional Outdoor space that reflects our tastes and our needs.

Do you agree?

If you want to make your outdoor area a magical place to spend your days in maximum comfort, trust our experts. You have a free consultation available to evaluate the most suitable solution for you, not only for the kitchen, but also for the appliances.

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