Yes, the outdoor kitchen is not exclusive to those who own large spaces and hectares of land: you can set up a comfortable and elegant outdoor kitchen even in a relatively small space.

For some time you have had the idea of ​​enjoying your garden more, you look at it and think it can become a good refuge. Imagine yourself sitting with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee while you breathe fresh air and warm your skin in the sun.

Let’s face it, we all need a comfort zone; a place to enter leaving behind every discomfort, every tension, every worry. A place to relax and be with yourself. In short, who said that the comfort zone is not good? At Vidali we believe in comfort, well-being and the small pleasures of life.

But let’s go back to our garden, when you start living your outdoor space more, perhaps you realize that something is missing, which could be embellished with some design element: two armchairs, a coffee table, vases, a hammock (for the more lazy ) and you start to get interested in various styles of outdoor furniture, such as the Shabby  or the Provencal design.

All this fantasizing gives you a fixed thought, and what if you could cook directly in the garden?

But your garden is small, space is tight. So you are wondering if you can set up a real outdoor kitchen or it is better to fold on a small grill or a barbecue to take out when needed.

Stop, take a deep breath, and read our article.


Outdoor kitchen for a small garden: the basic premises

The concerns of those who want to furnish the garden with a kitchen are not linked only to space, there are also materials, connections, appliances to consider. Where to find all this information? Do I have to assemble the kitchen myself or do I have to contact someone to help me set it up?

Asking these questions is natural, especially if you have a small space.

This is why in Vidali we have built a monobloc kitchen model including assembly and assistance, to meet the needs of those who, like you, want to have a complete outdoor kitchen without worrying too much about the technical aspects.

But let’s get to the point: setting up a kitchen in a small garden.

Setting up a kitchen in the garden: use cases

The first thing to establish is the space you have available, of course.

In the case of a small garden you will have to turn to monobloc or modular solutions: these kitchens are designed specifically for those who have little space but are still equipped with everything you need.

You will then have to reflect on the use you will make of your kitchen:

Is your goal to become the undisputed king of the barbecue and attract crowds of people to your garden? Great, then you also need a grill or barbecue.

Do you want to have maximum flexibility in the kitchen and be able to give vent to creativity? Then you need to set up a kitchen with the basic elements: from the sink to the plate and a top with sufficient work space.

The materials of an outdoor kitchen

There is a tendency to associate the outdoor kitchen with the indoor kitchen in constructive terms, nothing could be more wrong. The outdoor kitchen travels on its own track: the materials it is built with must take into account the external environment.

If you are in the process of buying, first of all evaluate the area in which you live.

Does it often rain?

Is there humidity?

Are you near the sea?

These are all aspects to consider and it is clear that if you turn to prefabricated and low alloy solutions, you could run into problems of premature wear.

In general, preferring precious materials such as stainless steel and ceramic cladding is an excellent investment.

Speaking of Ceramics: did you know that our kitchens are coated with a hypoallergenic ceramic that can come into direct contact with food?

Assembly, connections, warranty and pluses for outdoor kitchens

This is perhaps one of the most painful keys in the Outdoor universe. Many products lack a proper advisory service.

Our input in this case is to always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully:

Do they offer a guarantee? What are the construction materials? Who will take care of making the gas, water and electricity connections? Will I have to pay a supplement?

Many people bought an outdoor kitchen and found themselves with a pack of pieces to assemble, and they had to hire an external technician for all the connections just because they were not well informed.

Vidali has chosen a different path: our kitchens are covered by the all-inclusive guarantee that extends the two-year European plan by adding interventions in case of breakdown and spare parts.

Your kitchen in the garden: an achievable dream

You can realize the dream of an outdoor kitchen even if you have a small garden. Of course, maybe you will have to give up some space on the counter or some household appliance, but this will be offset by the pleasure of trying your hand at cooking outdoors with your loved ones!

Due to its small size, the Garden Kitchen must be studied in detail and designed with the utmost precision. In the Outdoor catalog you will find Kucino: the outdoor kitchen for terraces and small gardens. Ask for a free quote and make your dream come true once and for all.

Because a Vidali kitchen is forever.