You’ve heard so much about the Shabby style until you got the urge to try it.

No doubt about it, the Shabby style has its charm and when it meets the natural beauty of a garden it expresses its maximum potential.

For the section “Furnishing the outside” we will see some useful tips for decorating the garden in perfect Shabby style.


What exactly is the Shabby Chic style?

The term Shabby Chic literally means “scruffy chic”. This style was brought into vogue by Rachel Ashwell when she opened her first Shabby store in California in 1989. Candor, delicacy, soft lines, soft colors, vintage and sophisticatedly unkempt accessories. The Shabby style, with its feminine touch, has the ability to create an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere in which to immerse yourself with an herbal tea and a good book. The Shabby style is not just Design, it is a philosophy: it intends to give value to the lived, to the ancient. Although it was born as an interior style, it gradually extended to the garden; opening the doors to very interesting furnishing solutions.

Put together floral arrangements, curious accessories such as aviaries or bicycles with wicker baskets, a table and two chairs in wrought iron enameled in white and all of a sudden you will have the feeling of living in a 60’s movie, in pure “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” style. “.

Although reassured by its modesty, the Shabby has its own complexity and very specific rules to be respected if you want to get the right effect. Let’s see them together.


Colors and palettes in pure Shabby style

The predominant color is undoubtedly white, often accompanied by beige. Soft shades such as pink, lavender and light blue complete the palette.

Materials, the basis of your furniture.

Wood and metal are the most sought-after materials, enameled in white. But also antique and worn furniture.

Sofas and armchairs: Recycle with imagination

For the garden you can create interesting and green solutions. Some designers recycle wooden pallets on which they arrange large cushions. Always pay the right attention to the color combination: white seat and soft colored cushions or the other way around. Wrought iron or wood for the other seats, always look for soft lines and avoid rigid and angular solutions.

What flowers for your Shabby garden?

In all this white, beige and pastel colors, which flowers to insert? Experienced Designers recommend roses, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, buttercups, wildflowers and lavender. If you love to try your hand at manual work, you could also put the flowers in a vase made by you: just recycle a simple earthenware vase, paint it with light shades on white or gray and cover it with lace finishes.

Accessories and decorations

Our garden begins to have an increasingly refined and affectionate air. Just a few small touches of class are missing. An old bicycle or Cariola repainted and dressed with flowers, a few lamps to illuminate and why not, a hammock on which to lie down for a nice afternoon nap.

And our Shabby garden is ready!

Outdoor kitchen in your garden

At Vidali we are constantly looking for solutions to enhance the exterior and make it welcoming. As an extension of the house, the garden must also reflect our taste and be equipped with everything necessary to fully enjoy it.

If you too have decided to live your exterior, whether it is a garden or a terrace, and are considering the purchase of an Outdoor Kitchen, take a look at our solutions with a modern and minimalist Design, they match with any style of furniture: even the Shabby!


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