Kitchen in the garden: 4 most famous styles to combine it with

Are you a lover of aesthetics and want to know the most famous styles with which kitchens are set up? In this article, we explore four most popular styles.

Kitchen in the garden – the most famous styles

Over the years, various furnishing styles have been proposed that can be adapted to both indoors and outdoors. Each is distinguished by distinctive elements capable of creating a unique atmosphere.

In this short article we want to go through the most popular furnishing styles together, always bearing in mind that, unlike interior furnishings, there are additional factors outside that affect the choice of style to adopt. Especially with regard to materials, but we have already talked extensively about this topic in our guide to the most suitable materials for an outdoor kitchen.

The right compromise can be found by combining personal taste with the sensations that a certain solution conveys.

The outside reflects the inside

Before starting to invest in expensive floral arrangements, accessories and floors, it is necessary to reflect on the nature of outdoor design. The latter is not a stand-alone system that has a life of its own but a real extension of the house. Its aesthetics must be conceived in line with the rest, this does not mean limiting oneself in the choice of styles to adopt, rather it is a way to convey a coherent and harmonious taste that still leaves a wide spectrum of creativity.

Now let’s see some style ideas!

Provencal style

One could easily confuse the Provencal style with the Shabby (which we will talk about later) due to some common elements and the general feeling that these wonderful styles convey.

Provencal is a style that comes from the typical features of the French region of Provence. In its most modern variant, the Provencal style involves the use of off-white backgrounds, pastel colors and furniture with floral patterns. Precisely because of its particular characterization, the Provencal style can be combined with Kitchens with a refined taste, with a light and bright Top.

The classic style

The classic garden requires order, refinement and the green must be treated almost obsessively. The classic style Garden is bright, with materials of great value. Much attention must be paid to the flooring, also made with important materials such as marble. In this garden it is easy to set up a gazebo with armchairs and a table for breakfast. Different types of Kitchens can be combined, but to make the most of the regal taste of classic design you can consider a modern Kitchen covered with precious materials such as Ceramics. A case in point is our Top of the range: **QUID.**

Shabby chic style

Delicate, bucolic atmospheres, pastel colors on a white palette. Seasonal blooms and vintage elements that have been revived with love and passion. These are the essential elements of Shabby Style. Even before being a style, shabby is an attitude and is able to refresh any room with a few touches of class and a not too high cost. The right colors, an old bicycle with a wicker basket, flowers and furnishings in wrought iron and repainted wood will be enought to give life to a pure Shabby style garden.

If shabby appeals to you, we have a dedicated article for this style too: How to furnish your garden in Shabby style!

Scandinavian style

Scandinavians are true outdoor enthusiasts and are known for their minimalist style.

Natural materials such as Teak are the protagonists of this style which aims for a soft, relaxing atmosphere, typical of the Nordic countries. To complete the style there are lamps with a warm light surrounded by compositions in various shades of green.

Scandinavian is a really interesting and modern style and can be the ideal style in which to insert an equally modern Kitchen, perhaps with a black ceramic Top and metal finishes.

What’s your style?

We hope that in this article you have found some interesting ideas, and perhaps discovered a style that you did not know.

As you will have understood, the same passion that we put into furnishing an interior must also be put into the outdoors, and this is what we specialize in. If you want to know which kitchen is most suitable for your outdoor space, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in practical terms, contact us for a free consultation.

We will be happy to help you.


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