Vidali Outdoor Kitchen offers four different types of outdoor kitchen. Check out the features of Quid, Sunny, Quiddy and Kucino in this post.

One of the strengths of Vidali’s creations is precisely the very high degree of customization that every kitchen can have, whether with the top, the finishes or other components. However, it should not be forgotten that each model has intrinsic characteristics that make them adaptable to the most different spaces, from the garden kitchen to the kitchen for the terrace or even the balcony. Let’s see the differences between the products from Vidali Outdoor Kitchen.

Our most prestigious model: the Quid kitchen

Quid was born by bringing together the know-how of different and complementary sectors, creating an apparently simple object capable of encompassing multiple technical challenges, all of which have been overcome.

It is an outdoor kitchen born from the union of naval steel and latest generation ceramics, resistant to water, frost, saltiness or other, very suitable as a garden kitchen, beach or open-air catering. Among the many accessories are also available LED lighting with dedicated app and bluetooth audio system.

With Sunny you choose maximum comfort, even outdoors

At Vidali Outdoor Kitchen we want you to experience the outdoor environment to its fullest potential, which is why the Sunny outdoor kitchen has been designed with the aim of letting you cook and store food in complete tranquility, without giving up the desired appliances.

Conceived and revisited on the basis of the classic forms of indoor kitchens, Sunny adapts perfectly to outdoor rooms overlooking the house, such as pergolas, large sun terraces and attics. Like all Vidali products, it is designed to last over time without neglecting functionality, respect for the environment and ease of use.

The compact kitchen with great functionality 

We can summarize Quiddy in three words: elegance, functionality, innovation.
From the Quid parent line, Quiddy is born, the spin-off that embodies the same characteristics in terms of top quality materials, naval steel, latest generation ceramics and more compact glass.

Vidali Outdoor Kitchen has designed Quiddy to make the most of every space, equipping it with a sink with mixer, a griddle or induction hob barbecue, two drawers with soft-motion guides and a chest refrigerator. Ideal for exploiting your outdoor space down to the last centimeter.

Kucino, the monobloc outdoor kitchen to get where no one dares

Does putting an outdoor kitchen on your balcony seem crazy? It is not with Kucino, a monobloc complete with everything with pre-assembled appliances and ready to be connected to your water and electricity mains completely covered in painted stainless steel and ceramic doors, available in three models: Kucino 13, Kucino 19, Kucino 19 Barbecue.

Ideal for those who love to experiment in the kitchen, Kucino is complete with a stainless steel sink and mixer with two or four burner induction hobs and, in the Kucino 19 version, a stainless steel grill and teppanyaki plate.

Have you been inspired by our creations? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and revolutionize your outdoor kitchen!

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