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Bring the sun to your attic with the Sunny outdoor kitchen

Each outdoor kitchen has its own history and its own personality, the one made to measure for the attic of one of our clients is no exception. It is one of our top models, the Sunny, the complete outdoor kitchen that does not give up any comfort of indoor kitchens.

For this realization, the customer asked us for something that would allow, at a later time, the removal of the model. So instead of fixing the outdoor kitchen with the usual backsplash glued to the kitchen and wall, we have created a tailor-made scullery backsplash that would facilitate relocation tomorrow.

The details of the Vidali processes

The sink has a ceramic basin, up and down mixer and induction hob with four burners, so as to have greater energy savings and greater ease of cleaning. Furthermore, it is important to underline the presence of stainless steel lids to protect electrical appliances and the cover sheet (on request), always useful for protecting the outdoor or garden kitchen for unpredictable rains and during the winter months.

The power of human relationship

We follow our customers in the best possible way, step by step, right from the first contact. In this specific realization, the customer sent us an email for some more info on outdoor kitchens in December 2019. The contract was closed in May 2021, but in the meantime we made our closeness and understanding of the needs felt by email., phone calls and even with Christmas greetings.

To best create a kitchen that is truly unique, lasting, but above all that is in line with customer requests, we can only enhance the human relationship we create with them, a relationship that continues even after the outdoor kitchen has been assembled.

Fully customizable kitchens

This Sunny has been totally custom made with customized taller risers and a plumbing project for the adaptation of the dirty water carried out without breaking the wall, but creating an under basin of three tanks of 15 liters each so that you do not have to do masonry work.

The difficulties we have had to face? Initially, at the design level, there were some on everything, but, following the customer step by step for each specific need, we were able to complete the project and see the satisfaction on the customer’s face.

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