How to clean your outdoor kitchen: the secrets of Vidali

If you want a kitchen that is always shiny, without streaks and you want to avoid ruining it, the advice contained in this article is for you. We have already addressed the importance of proper cleaning and the advantages of using a special kit for outdoor kitchens. Let’s go a little deeper and see how to avoid some common mistakes in cleaning the Kitchen.

There are those who give enormous importance and those who would gladly do without it. In both cases, you cannot refrain from regular cleaning of your rooms. And if some parts of the house can be carelessly cleaned, the Outdoor Kitchen requires due attention.


Clean the doors of the outdoor kitchen

As with any component that we will see, the attention is directed to the materials, the more delicate they are, the more you will have to pay attention. For the doors, whether they are made of wood, glass or ceramic, usually a microfibre cloth or soft non-abrasive fabric combined with a specific cleaning product is used; the one you use for the glass will also work.


For the outdoor kitchen worktop

The worktop is the part most exposed to dirt together with the stove. To thoroughly degrease, you could use a natural solution based on water and bicarbonate, the latter in fact degreases thoroughly and tends not to leave streaks. After cleaning the entire surface, rinse with a damp cloth.

Do not damage the surfaces

After all the effort made to buy, assemble and organize your outdoor kitchen it would be a shame to spoil it with invasive and corrosive products. Our goal is to protect delicate surfaces, so we recommend using a soft cloth and a specific detergent for delicate surfaces.


A secret for the dishes

When you sit down at the table, there is nothing worse than grabbing a dirty fork or with stains of halos. Our dishes will be immersed in boiling water and dish detergent, possibly lemon-based. In relation to the water, it must always be more abundant than the detergent, the latter in fact will be easier to remove.


These were some tricks to take care of your outdoor kitchen and enjoy the priceless feeling of having a kitchen as bright and functional as it was in the beginning. If you want to save time and steps, you can use our Cleaner kit created specifically for cleaning outdoor kitchens, by those who build outdoor kitchens.

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