Do you want your exterior to reflect the Christmas spirit and atmosphere as well? In this article we will see some delicious ideas to decorate your rooms in perfect Christmas Style!

Those who love Christmas know that what makes this holiday special is above all the atmosphere created in one of the most beautiful times of the year. Christmas is a time for rest, for good food, for meeting up with friends and relatives, but also for new acquaintances. And the preparations begin well in advance, on the other hand there are many things to think about: gifts, decorations, invitations, dishes to prepare, etc.

If you have an outdoor area, even if it were a small terrace, you might want to decorate it with a Christmas theme, making it coherent with your indoor space. And maybe you already have a theme, a color palette in mind and you’re sifting through decoration sites to figure out what to buy.

We too, as both Christmas and Outdoor lovers, have thought about some elements that should not be missing in a Christmas-themed exterior, and we have decided to share them with you!

Not just one style: Christmas decor styles you can choose

Over time, the classic Christmas style has given way to new nuances that take from other more well-known design styles to give Christmas furnishings a unique and classy touch.

If you decide to stay on the Classic your decorations will be very colorful and “invasive”, the Bohemian style, the Tyrolean style and the Mexican fall into this category.

If, on the other hand, you are a person with a minimal taste, you can rely on a fusion between the classic Christmas style and the more refined Scandinavian or even Shabby styles. In this case the colors will be simple and refined, possibly on white or light blue.

Christmas-themed exterior and veranda: let’s start with the simple things

Christmas, like any holiday, has its distinctive elements taken from tradition and popular culture.

You can use these elements to start creating a magical atmosphere with clear references to Christmas.

Start with a wreath to post on doors and windows. It can be natural, white, with red berries or even more particular, perhaps made with sugar sticks. The important thing is that once you have chosen a style, you remain consistent in all the rest of the decorations

Then there are other typical elements of Christmas Culture such as candy canes, even in large formats.

The inevitable: Christmas lights for a definitive effect

We know that you too are enchanted when you find yourself in front of a bright avenue or a tree full of lights. Much of the Christmas atmosphere is given by the lights and, for this reason, they cannot be missing in your outdoor area and on your veranda.

Warm or cold light, according to your taste. Then you just have to have fun:

  • Bright Curtains
  • Christmas figures
  • Decorative lighting for windows
  • LED candles
  • Christmas stars
  • Luminous garlands

Choose the elements that best match the rest and light up your Christmas!

Small elements for big resultsIncreasing the Christmas flavor will be easy with these decorative vases that can be strategically placed in your garden or on the veranda, in order to create a real path. And, why not, as a centerpiece if you have the space to have your Christmas dinner on the Veranda.

The undisputed protagonist: the Christmas tree

Who says that the tree must necessarily be placed inside? A well-decorated Veranda, with your Christmas tree in addition, will amaze your guests by creating a fairytale atmosphere.

For the outside there are beautiful metal and PVC structures that faithfully recreate the tree.

Don’t you want to give yourself a gift too? The Outdoor Kitchen to experience the most special Christmas of your life

Driven by the Christmas spirit and the enthusiasm for gifts, we end up thinking only of others and never of ourselves. If you have a veranda you can create an even more special environment by inserting an Outdoor Kitchen, have you ever thought about it?

In Vidali we offer solutions suitable for every space and with a style that can be adapted to any context, even the Christmas one. The two most popular proposals for a Veranda are Sunny and Kucino.

Ask for a free consultation, receive your personalized quote and we will design the kitchen of your dreams.

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