It is nice to sip good wine outdoors while cooking dinner for friends and family, but what are the best appliances for this particular type of kitchen? Let’s go and find out with an overview of the current market.

Hobs, pros and cons

For outdoor kitchens, induction hobs are usually preferred. These are the most suitable solution for an outdoor kitchen as they do not require connections to the gas network. Being made of glass ceramic, they are resistant to impacts, corrosion and thermal shocks. They are practical to clean and safe.

What are the cons? It may simply be necessary to upgrade the electricity grid (although there are different schools of thought in this regard). The more traditional gas hobs present major problems, especially related to their maintenance, as, if not made of stainless steel, they tend to deteriorate more.

Teppanyaki plates

As in the case of our Kucino 19, the Teppanyaki plates are presented as the alternative to the classic barbecue. This Japanese cooking system is used for meat, fish, vegetables and cheeses through the use of a hot steel plate, powered by electricity.

With Teppanyaki, foods tend to be prepared faster, preventing them from overheating and thus losing their nutritional properties. In addition, the teppanyaki plates allow you to grill multiple foods at the same time, keep those already cooked warm and to be served directly from the hot plate. Since the eye also wants its part, it is a very scenic type of cuisine, suitable if you want to entertain guests with show cooking!

The wine cellars

We started talking about the pleasure of sipping a good wine outdoors, but this wine must be kept at the right temperature so that you can fully enjoy it, so you should equip your outdoor kitchen with a refrigerated cellar.

This type of cellars are closed by a door with double tempered glass, which thermally insulates and protects from light. A cooling system allows you to set the ideal temperature (in some cases even at different temperatures), while one or more fans distribute the temperature uniformly.

Storing food in the refrigerator

Don’t think for a second of having to go back and forth to the kitchen at home to get things from the fridge. Today even for outdoor kitchens there are valid alternatives in this regard.
Make sure you have a stainless steel fridge with a very high energy class (class F or higher, corresponding to the old A +), but we recommend the SN-T class which guarantees optimal operation with temperatures up to + 43 ° C.

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