Previously we have dealt with the cleaning methods of our outdoor kitchens with today’s post we want to offer you a focus on the exclusive Vidali Outdoor Kitchen cleaner kit.

What are we talking about

This is our exclusive kit of products created specifically for cleaning your Outdoor Kitchen. The use of these products will allow you to always keep your outdoor kitchen looking like new, giving it longevity.

Antibacterial cloth

Our antibacterial tested cloth cleans and sanitizes all surfaces with a single pass without the use of detergents. It guarantees a deep and safe cleaning thanks to the size of the microfibers that are able to penetrate the pores of the material, removing dirt and bacteria.
On what surfaces can you use it? You are spoiled for choice, as it is great for use on: steel, wood, marble, metals, lacquers, Corian, plastic, fabrics, leather, eco-leather etc.

This is because it does not scratch and does not alter the treated surfaces.
It can be used either dry to remove dust, or moistened with water to remove dirt. After use, it is recommended to wash it in the washing machine at 60 ° C with ecological or neutral detergents (do not use softeners).

Ecological Detergent

Our eco-friendly cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner suitable for daily cleaning. It is a scented product that removes dirt quickly on all washable hard surfaces. Ideal for cleaning sinks, hoods and hobs in stainless steel, synthetic materials and enamelled steel.
How to use it on your outdoor kitchen? Spray on the surface to be cleaned, leave to act for a few moments, then rub with a dry cloth or sponge. In the case of surfaces in contact with food, it is necessary to rinse. The composition of the detergent complies with EC Regulation 648/2004 and contains phosphates, non-ionic surfactants, soap, EDTA, sodium salt, tetrahydro, imidazole, perfumes.

Multipurpose Cream

Last but not least, to thoroughly clean sinks, hoods and hobs in stainless steel, synthetic materials and enamelled steel, we have our detergent for outdoor kitchens.
Also ideal for objects in silver, copper and brass and equipped with an effective formula against limescale, the multipurpose cream must be shaken before use, then just spread a small amount of product on a sponge and rub. Once finished remember to wash and dry with a dry cloth. The cream is composed of oils, emulsifiers, inert mineral charges, water and should be kept in a cool place.

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