There is often a lot of talk about sustainability, a value to be adopted not only in the family but also on a social and corporate level. When this value is combined with attention to detail and design, we are often faced with a truly special result.

The life cycle of our kitchens

In fact, every piece of a Vidali Outdoor Kitchen is produced with natural materials and therefore 100% recyclable. This means that, in the event of a kitchen change, you can safely recycle its components, thus reintroducing the individual pieces of the production cycle.

Result: less felling of trees, less extraction and use of marble, less emission of CO2 into the environment, more respect for the environment in which we live.

Sustainability and respect for the environment in our DNA

On the other hand, it could not be otherwise. Outdoor Kitchen was born with the intention of bringing to life a new sociability in the open air and this cannot be separated from respect, protection and care for the environment itself.

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