For owners of an outdoor kitchen or those who are about to buy one: find out how to protect your kitchen

How to protect an outdoor kitchen: a quick and practical guide

The outdoor kitchen, unlike its indoor counterpart, is exposed to sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, wind, dust and other climatic conditions that can easily ruin it.

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that has made your rose so important”, the good Antoine de Saint-Exupery quoted.

If we think about it, to give more value to the things that surround us is the care and the time we dedicate to it. An object is an object, but it is the sensations, emotions and moments in which that object has been made a participant that gives it a special shape. This is a bit like our dream: we imagine people surrounded by our kitchens, smiling and carefree while having a good meal surrounded by a placid sunset.

When a Vidali kitchen takes shape and leaves us to reach a new home, we are “entrusting” it to someone, hoping that they will take care of it in the best possible way.

We are aware that taking care of an Outdoor Kitchen can require a minimum of attention and information.

So we come to the second point that distinguishes us: attention to what happens after the purchase of a kitchen.

Our exclusive guarantee, this blog and our assistance service are used to guarantee the well-being of the Kitchens we build.

Today we focus on an important aspect: How to protect the outdoor kitchen in both summer and winter?

Premise: The protection begins with the purchase

It would be useless to talk about awnings and protections without making a necessary premise: the durability of your kitchen is determined by the choice of the latter and the materials it is made of. If you do not have clear ideas on which are the most resistant materials, you can find a dedicated study in our article on materials for the kitchen.

In short, orient your research on quality materials such as stainless steel and ceramic. These are materials designed specifically for the outdoors.

Protect your outdoor kitchen in the summer

Summer is the time when the kitchen is used the most and therefore more attention is paid to it, also in terms of cleaning. If you have an indoor kitchen, under a gazebo for example, it will be more than enough. Otherwise, you could have a simple awning to protect the kitchen from the sun’s rays during the hottest hours.

Protect your Kitchen in the winter season

Winter is a more problematic season for outdoor kitchens: there are rain, cold and other bad weather.

In this case, a solution could be the use of a cellophane cover, possibly waterproof, carefully sealing the ends to prevent the wind from blowing the cover away.

Take action in prevention: kitchen lasts to die

Protecting the kitchen is one of the tasks necessary to contribute to its durability. You can prevent further by entrusting your Outdoor to Vidali. Our kitchens are designed to withstand time, bad weather, acids, heat and thermal shocks. With 100% natural raw materials, antibacterial and easy to clean surfaces.

Look at our achievements, we have solutions for both small and large discoveries. If, on the other hand, you want targeted advice, ask for a free quote. We will be happy to assist you!

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