In this article we will see some useful tips for furnishing an outdoor kitchen taking into account the needs of space, budget and, last but not least, your own aesthetic taste!

The last few years have reminded us of how much difference having an outdoor space available can make, and it is no coincidence that the number of searches for houses with gardens have increased dramatically.

Having a space, however, is not enough, to revive the desire to go out it is important that our exterior reflects our taste and satisfies our practical needs.

Let’s see three aspects to keep in mind when buying an outdoor kitchen.

Discover our tips for furnishing an outdoor kitchen

Why an outdoor kitchen

The idea of an outdoor kitchen can bring to mind something important, demanding, costly from a practical and economic point of view. In reality this is not the case, even if you have a small terrace or balcony you can equip a kitchen. And this is the first reason why you should consider buying an outdoor kitchen: because it is comfortable. Not having to go back and forth and cooking outdoors is an extremely relaxing experience.

But the options are really many, some cheaper others less. Let’s deepen.

Spaces and design

Everything starts from the space you have available. A small garden, a terrace or a large outdoor area with a swimming pool will decide the type of kitchen you can design.

  1. The space

The space corresponds to the budget and the type of kitchen you can buy; how many modules you can add and the layout. In a small balcony, an economical, essential option will suffice, perhaps with a sink, stove and few compartments. A large garden opens the doors to many other models, certainly more expensive.

  1. The budget

With a few hundred euros you can take home prefabricated kitchens, with the relative limits. Needless to say, an outdoor kitchen can range from 400 to over 10,000 euros and therefore the budget is a determining factor.

  1. The design

Shabby Chic, Provencal, Minimalist, Rustic, there are so many styles to furnish your garden and the kitchen should integrate perfectly with the rest. If you start from scratch, the goal is to create a coherent style. The prefabricated kitchens of large distributors are often poorly maintained and do not match the other elements. On the other hand, a kitchen with noble materials such as steel, wood or ceramic are elegant, tasteful and easily match the most modern styles.

  1. Cooking tools

What is the recipe register you want to try your hand at? Willl you organize garden parties and Sunday barbecues? Making a local mind first will allow you to understand what type of cooking you need, the main ones are: wood oven, gas oven, electric oven, induction plate, traditional gas stove and barbecue. If you are a pizza lover, the oven is a must!

Frequency and use of your kitchen in the garden

Another aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the actual use that will be made of your own outdoor kitchen: frequent or sporadic use?

You may decide to use it as a second kitchen in the hottest periods, and then use it daily. In this case it will have to be a clone of your indoor kitchen and have all the accessories: cutlery, towels, cleaning products.

So you don’t have to go back and forth.

Types of kitchen and characteristics

The main types of kitchen are distinguished by capacity, price and materials.

Customizable kitchen

A type of tailor-made kitchen, with modular modules according to various needs. With this type of kitchen you can customize the worktop, the sink, add modules such as the oven, drawers and compartments.

Kitchen with resistant materials

The exterior requires valuable, resistant materials. Rain, wind, dust can damage the kitchen. Our models are made with ceramic top and stainless steel body to resist even in areas adjacent to the sea.

Essential kitchen

They are monobloc kitchen models designed for small spaces such as balconies and terraces.


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