All you need to know before purchasing the Vidali outdoor kitchen that best suits your needs.

Cars are not all the same. There are many brands and models, different performances and uses that can be done.
The same can be applied to outdoor kitchens, each with its own unique characteristics, these can adapt to your needs in different ways. So let’s see some of the things to know before making this choice, capable of changing the perception of your home.

How much space does an outdoor kitchen take up?

The first question is also the most legitimate: “how much space does an outdoor kitchen take up?”. The answers can be multiple based on the type of kitchen. Generally these kitchens are divided into two macro-categories: modular or masonry kitchens.

The modular ones, such as our Quiddy or Kucino, have the great advantage of being highly customizable depending on the space available and, if needed, they can also be moved to different outdoor locations, such as patios, gardens or terraces.

Slightly different is the speech of built-in kitchens which, being fixed, require greater economic expenditure and have less mobility once installed.

How much do outdoor kitchens cost?

Once the space question has been resolved, we usually move on to the question of money and even here there is no single answer. Generally, as happens with indoor kitchens, it depends on the characteristics required by the customer for each individual creation.

What is certain is that you have to make sure you use high-quality materials to ensure that, as in the case of Vidali, the outdoor kitchen is as long-lasting as possible and withstands bad weather at its best.

vidali cucina da esterno compatta in acciaio kucino

Can they be used as an indoor kitchen?

Absolutely yes! Outdoor kitchens not only offer the same possibilities as indoor ones but, as in the case of our Kucino 19, these possibilities are even expanded, thanks to the Teppanyaki plate, with which you can prepare tasty Japanese dishes for your guests.

How to get a quote?

Another very easy answer: contact us via the appropriate page or call +39 0722 044062. What are you waiting for? Change your kitchen idea with Vidali outdoor kitchen.

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