Enrich your home by transforming your outdoor space
The home can be a shelter, a point of reference, a space that belongs to us and gratifies us.
The external spaces are not in contrast to all this, but, in addition, they become places to live.
Thanks to Outdoor Kitchen you can bring the dining room outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home cooking. Live new experiences with the highest quality, making the most of your home inside and out.

Beyond the barbecues

Why limit yourself to the old barbecue when you can let your imagination run wild even en plein air? Make the most of the super-equipped and practical solutions of Outdoor Kitchen which, thanks to the interaction and collaboration of brands such as Fulgor and Planet Bbq, takes you into the future of outdoor cooking, going beyond the classic concept of barbecue.


A new way of cooking


Our products allow healthy cooking characterized by cooking on a plate without added fats and without producing smoke, but with the help of a real structure where you can store food and cook any dish freely without limitations.

Vidali Outdoor Kitchen
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