According to some recent research, inserting an outdoor kitchen increases the value of the property not a little.

They are not just a design object, a passion to share with friends and relatives, a space of gratification and relaxation: outdoor kitchens are a real investment.

“Buying an outdoor kitchen today is anything but a whim, it is a strategic move that can increase the value of the house by up to 30% more.”

It is certain that the kitchen must respect certain criteria, according to our philosophy the most important are durability and design.
But there are other aspects to consider as well.

The space of the outdoor kitchen to increase the value of the property

The space in which the outdoor kitchen is placed is very important.

At a minimum it should be enhanced. If you have a large space, setting up a small gazebo with the kitchen is an excellent choice.
A luxury villa with swimming pool could place the kitchen adjacent to the pool itself. And if you don’t mind a nice aperitif, you can create a real lounge bar with a kitchen next to it.
When buying a house, those mentioned are all very popular locations.

Outdoor kitchen appliances

Not to mention the appliances, if we add a mini fridge to our kitchen, for example, we greatly increase its value. True outdoor lovers can then combine an outdoor kitchen with a beautiful barbecue that will give that “on the road” flavor to your lunches in the garden and, of course, will increase the value of your property.

If you are considering buying an outdoor kitchen we want to give you some practical advice.

The three parameters of the perfect outdoor kitchen according to Outdoor Kitchen

First, make sure that the warranty terms established by law are respected: in Italy two years.
If the company you are contacting does not subsidize for warranty, maintenance and other aspects related to the “health” of your kitchen, then it may be worth considering other proposals. Speaking of maintenance, during the installation phase you should generally receive all the appropriate advice and this is a good time to ask the technicians for any clarifications.

Is there a warranty extension?

We said earlier that a quality criterion is the durability of the kitchen, but it is also true that the kitchen is a long-term purchase. Where possible then ask for a warranty extension.
At Outdoor, for example, we give an extended warranty on all our outdoor kitchens.

The second, but not least, aspect concerns the choice of materials. Will the kitchen be placed near the sea? Then it is appropriate to evaluate materials resistant to the corrosive effect of saltiness.

Third, the design. It may sound silly, but the problem with many prepackaged solutions is that they leave you little room for design choice. We are talking about an outdoor kitchen, not a cutlery set, given the investment you definitely deserve a kitchen that reflects your taste. In Outdoor Kitchen we make our architects available and we are also open to external collaborations, for a tailor-made kitchen.

We therefore understood the importance of an outdoor kitchen, it can increase the value of the property, as long as it reflects certain parameters attributable above all to a quality factor.

Outdoor Kitchen manufactures unique, durable and Italian outdoor kitchens. Our mission is to give life to the outside, rediscovering the pleasure of having a meal out in good company.

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