A cloth is enough to clean Vidali Outdoor Kitchen outdoor kitchens. Take care of them and increase their duration.

How to clean my outdoor kitchen?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the open-air kitchen field concerns its cleaning: “How can I clean my kitchen if it is outdoors?”

The question, however correct from a formal point of view, is poorly formulated. The best point of view is not so much related to cleaning itself, as to the prolonged duration that this guarantees to the product. But let’s go in order.

A cloth is enough to make your top shiny

If we were to dwell only on the cleaning technique, a blog article would not be needed, half a tweet would be enough. Basically, just wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and that’s it. Watch the video to believe:

On the other hand, continuous maintenance, of which cleaning is certainly part, must be encouraged above all with the aim of extending the life cycle of the product. In fact, we recall how already supplied with the outdoor kitchen, Vidali provides a protective cloth to protect it during the winter periods when, for a prolonged time, the outdoor kitchen is not used.

All Inclusive guarantee for a cuisine that is always new

In addition to the 2-year European warranty to protect the customer, Vidali Outdoor Kitchen has created the All Inclusive Warranty extension. This will allow you, following a correct maintenance to be carried out annually, to have the certainty of keeping your outdoor kitchen in optimal conditions, taking care of functionality, adjustments and, if necessary, replacing any spare parts. All this will allow you to use the kitchen in the same conditions in which it was installed.

We remind you that our warranty extension includes: travel, maintenance and any necessary spare parts.

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