You are a lover of the brick, you like rustic and highly personalized things, almost handmade. You have an outdoor space that you want to enhance and here comes the idea: to build a built-in kitchen. Before starting to raise brick and concrete walls, consider some important aspects of this type of solution.

Disadvantages of the built-in kitchen


Being a tailor-made solution, the built-in kitchen makes maintenance operations complicated, targeted and can require time and high investments.


While modern kitchens are easy to clean, thanks to the flat and smooth surfaces, with the built-in kitchen you will find yourself fighting against joints and tiles. Therefore, more substantial work will be needed and you will sacrifice more time for cleaning.

Moving: goodbye to the kitchen

As it is easy to guess, the built-in kitchen is immobile, fixed. So if you find yourself moving, you will hardly be able to take it with you. You will have to leave it there, losing the investment made.

Don’t underestimate… the style

Unless you rely on an expert designer who knows how to best integrate the built-in kitchen with your furniture / outdoor / garden, the final result will be very classic, antique, suitable for a farmhouse or a more rustic environment. And if this is what you were looking for it will be fine, otherwise it may not be the solution for you.

Cost: Are you sure it’s cheap?

If you are wondering how much your new built-in kitchen will cost, well, you should know that the cheapest could be around € 5,000.00 up to € 25,000.00. Then you could consider a more comfortable and flexible modern Outdoor Kitchen.

Conclusions: which kitchen to take

With this article we do not want to discourage you completely from taking a built-in kitchen, but we want to make you aware of the investment you are about to make. If you are a lover of solid, fixed things, with a slightly antique style and you have no intention of moving home, then the built-in kitchen could be for you.

Otherwise, if you want a more streamlined, modern solution, highly customizable in components and colors, with advanced technologies and a minimalist design, then you are looking for a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen. In this case, contact us for a quote and become part of the Vidali family.


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