In this article we want to share with you the story of the rebranding of Outdoor Kitchen S.r.l.

We therefore want to start from the beginning.

Outdoor Kitchen S.r.l. was founded a few years ago by Francesco and Simone, two entrepreneurs who, although young, have many years of experience and know-how in the steel and furniture sector behind them

In a particular historical moment, such as the one we are experiencing, characterized by strong changes, we have decided to review our shareholder structure and at the same time also review the identity of the brand in anticipation of a future development that has already begun.

The main reasons that led us to take this step were the following:

    1. Change of the shareholder structure from Outdoor Kitchen S.r.l. to Outdoor Kitchen S.r.l. single-member company headed by Simone Vidali, sole director.
    2. Revisitation of the commercial brand for better recognition and focus in the sector to which it belongs, that is the outdoor kitchens sector, highlighting the promise we make to our customers, that of designing and manufacturing unique, durable and 100% made in Italy outdoor kitchens.


Our brand therefore changes as represented in the image below.

rebranding outdoor kitchen

Vidali Outdoor Kitchen
Cucine da esterno Uniche Durevoli Italiane


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