You get up and you can hear the sweet sound of the sea breeze caressing the air, you open the window and in front of you an expanse of blue water merges with the horizon.

If this image is familiar to you, you are among those lucky people who live near the sea.

A beach house is everyone’s dream and those who have one want to furnish it to the fullest, enhance it and enjoy it. But if furnishing a beach house on the one hand is a pleasure, on the other it requires a lot of attention and care. The atmospheric events typical of marine areas can create some problems for our furnishings and appliances.

Let’s see what are the most suitable materials for your beach house and, above all, for your outdoor kitchen!

Materials to avoid

Iron is among the materials to be avoided. Often chairs and tables are made with these materials but unfortunately they easily suffer the effects of atmospheric agents.

A good option: wood

Wood, but also bamboo, is widely used in sea areas and is therefore a good option. In general, wooden furnishings are treated with special protective paints that protect the material by increasing its durability.

Trendy material: aluminum

Not afraid of chlorine, salt and other atmospheric agents. Aluminum is known for its lightness and strength which, when combined with the skilled hand of a designer, create an inimitable furniture and design product.

What material for the outdoor kitchen by the sea?

The kitchen positioned outside must withstand rain, ice, snow, salt and the most diverse atmospheric events. We recommend as the material 304 Stainless Steel painted with outdoor paints, ceramic and glass, assembled with stainless steel screws and suitable assembly systems. These allow it to withstand sea salt without suffering damage over time.

Do you want a Kitchen born to be by the sea?

We at Vidali are “seafarers”, we love the sea and we have placed this same love in our kitchens: designed to withstand the marine climate and with a naval-inspired design.

If you want the best for your beach house, Vidali Kitchens will satisfy your thirst for beauty and durability. Ask for a free, no-obligation quote.

Vidali Outdoor Kitchen

Vidali Outdoor Kitchen
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