You are on your terrace, you relax sitting on an armchair with your eyes half-closed. The air is fresh, the sky is clear, not even a sound to disturb your peace except the rapid chirping of the wheatear. Heaven.

Suddenly your waking sleep is disturbed by a rumbling of the stomach, a slight peckish, you are hungry.

And here you have to get up, go to the kitchen and open the fridge in search of something to munch on. You make yourself a quick sandwich, you plate it and go back to the garden.

While you taste your sandwich, a thought crosses your mind: what if you put a barbecue in the garden? Maybe even a grill and why not, a fridge too. And here your desire to buy a real outdoor kitchen takes shape.

After all, you have a little space, and you deserve a gift!

Like anyone who is invaded by the idea of enriching their Outdoor with a kitchen, you too ask yourself the infamous question: How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

Before you dive into low quality prefabricated solutions or buy kitchens without warranty or assistance, stop for a moment, read our article, and you will have a few more elements to understand just how much an outdoor kitchen can cost.


Price fluctuations: factors that affect

We won’t go around it too much, a well-built outdoor kitchen doesn’t come cheap, but it’s still a medium-long term investment.

There are cheap kitchens that can cost around € 600, but these solutions, as we will see, have disadvantages and dangers that should not be overlooked.

In any case, the factors that affect the cost of an outdoor kitchen are:


Structure and type of kitchen

There are outdoor masonry kitchens that require a certain type of installation and then there are the Island Kitchens, in some ways more flexible and made with resistant and beautiful materials to look at. Among the cheapest we undoubtedly find prefabricated kitchens, which often have an aesthetic limit in addition to less refined materials, having to satisfy a wide range of people.

We must then consider the structure: a kitchen can be, so to speak, reduced to the bone in terms of accessories such as sink, drawers, plate, etc. Or be equipped with a series of useful and interesting components: from the dishwasher to the fridge. From the induction plate to the barbecue.

When it comes to Outdoor Kitchen structure, the great distinction must therefore be made between prefabricated and masonry or modular models. The latter are undoubtedly more flexible, but more expensive. A highly equipped Outdoor Kitchen with fine materials can easily cost about €. 4000.00.


What materials are used for the kitchen you are about to buy? This question is crucial because it will reflect on the cleanliness, maintenance and durability of the kitchen itself. For example, we use ceramic-coated stainless steel: very easy to clean and scratch-resistant.


Other factors

There are factors that at first glance we could overlook, but they are still important in evaluating the price.

One of these is Design. Looking at the outdoors as a real room, you realize that you have to position each element in order to enrich, enhance the outdoor and make it pleasant to live.


In summary

Various factors contribute to determining the price of an Outdoor Kitchen.

Are you on a budget, do you want a quick solution, already composed and don’t give too much importance to design? Then a prefabricated Kitchen is for you, but remember that the outdoor kitchen is a product for everyday use, especially in the spring and summer months. So it’s better to spend a few euros more but have a durable kitchen.

Do you want a beautiful, durable outdoor kitchen, equipped with everything you need and maybe even made in Italy? Then you are looking for something a little more expensive, but you are aware that you will make an investment in your outdoor: and you will have a product that lasts over time.

In Vidali we manufacture Outdoor Kitchens that reflect the criteria of Durability, reliability, minimal and refined Design: contact us for a free quote.

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