Let’s continue the roundup of style ideas to make your outdoor more and more splendid and let’s focus on one of the most important elements: the chairs

We have already talked about the materials for an outdoor kitchen, seen the most famous design styles with which to furnish the kitchen and today we see some style ideas regarding a very important piece of furniture: chairs and benches.

After all, having a modern Outdoor Kitchen is not enough to make your outdoor space a place to relax. Much of your time will be spent sitting, and chairs have a very important visual impact on the overall effect of your garden. 

And the opposite is also true: having a well-kept outdoor area but with a Kitchen designed with scarce, non-ecological materials and with an old-fashioned design risks ruining the fruit of your hard work. 

For this reason it is better to rely on an Outdoor Kitchen consultant who will be able to advise you on the model that best suits your needs in terms of aesthetics and space. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

But let’s get back to us, what are some style ideas for your garden chairs?

What kind of chair for the garden are you looking for?

Before even talking about style, you need to consider the type of chair you are looking for based on the needs of space and available budget. 

We can divide them into four macro-categories: chairs without or with armrests, folding chairs and stackable chairs. Each of these in turn can be built with different materials: ranging from glass to wrought iron through plastic to more precious materials such as metal.

Modern design chairs 

Photo from Pinterest 

If the mood of your garden is modern, minimal and with few frills, it can be enhanced by modern chairs with an equally minimal design, perhaps with a particular concept and unique motifs. 

For the garden there are solutions in Polypropylene, a high quality plastic material that is very resistant to chemical agents.

Ductile in shape, this type of chair comes in both square shapes and softer, more enveloping lines, it all depends on how the rest of your outdoor space is made up. The important thing is that they are robust and resistant. 

Folding chairs for the garden

Photo from Pinterest

When one thinks of folding chairs, immense piles of cheap plastic chairs in impersonal and sad colors come to mind. But even a folding chair can be elegant and refined. Not to mention the convenience when you have limited space and want to store them in a separate place. 

Present in both iron and plastic, these chairs often have only the skeleton and are less enveloping and comfortable. 

Chairs in aluminum and textilene

Photo from Pinterest

A third solution is aluminum chairs: this material is suitable for outdoors due to its resistance to rust. 

The design is often clean, with sharp lines and elegant colors in shades of black and gray. The perfect chairs to combine with a modern kitchen such as QUID or Sunny

Make your garden a magical and enchanting place thanks to the modern style and the Vidali Kitchens 

We continuously look for the most suitable solutions to make the Outdoor a charming place, an extension of the house to be fully enjoyed. Continue to follow our Blog to stay updated on the trends of Outdoor Design, living and Outdoor Kitchens.

Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen?

Our Kitchens are designed to adapt to various types of style and resist any type of climate. 

If you are in the process of setting up your outdoor space, ask for a free consultation with one of our experts who will be able to guide you in choosing the most suitable Kitchen, we will go into detail on the functions you need based on how you will use it.

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