Brief history of an accomplished realization in Rome. Vidali outdoor Kitchen lands in the Eternal City.

If it is true that all roads lead to Rome, then the new appointment with the creations of Vidali Outdoor Kitchen could only deal with an outdoor kitchen installed in a prestigious garden in a villa in the Eternal City.

A Sunny in the Sun of the capital

Our Sunny model is the complete kitchen that has nothing to envy compared to a usual indoor kitchen. So much so that it is available with an infinite range of customizations such as:

  • 50 different types of ceramics;
  • more than 200 colors of the AISI 304 stainless steel structures;
  • all the appliances you want.

Delivery times

You will surely be thinking about how long it will take to install your new outdoor kitchen. Well, let me tell you that we had the first contacts for the realization in Rome in February 2021, while the delivery arrived … just three months later!

That’s right, our team is willing to work side by side with the customer, listening and meeting their needs, just like it happened in Rome, a realization in which Sunny was combined with a comfortable snack table, made thanks to the skill of our technicians.

Result? Very satisfied customer and new projects about to start for a restaurant with a large balcony!

Why choose Sunny

Your new Sunny outdoor kitchen will adapt perfectly to any type of outdoor environment and with its magnetic gaskets on the entire perimeter of doors and drawers, it will guarantee complete impermeability to water while preventing the entry of dust and insects.

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