Cooking outdoors is not just about barbecues

The calendar is on our side, the warm season is about to arrive: increasingly mild temperatures, days that are getting longer and that invite to conviviality. What’s better than a table to get together? And what could be better than a good lunch or a good dinner to make the meeting even more enjoyable? Eat outdoors, but also cook outdoors.

Cooking outdoors. Easy to say, if the solution for your need is at hand. A grill and some charcoal? No, much more with the VIDALI Outdoor Kitchens, the outdoor kitchens that combine design and quality made in Italy, which are practically tailored to your needs. And above all they are designed and built just to be outdoor.

VIDALI outdoor kitchens, the advantage of being born “from the outside”

Being designed for outdoor use, not being an adaptation of something that was created to be placed elsewhere, guarantees you a unique home experience.
VIDALI Outdoor Kitchens are design workstations with high quality standards, starting from the materials used: resistant, natural, healthy, designed for specific use, adaptable to the spaces and type of place they will be used for.

Design, functionality, sustainability and durability

Made with 100% natural materials, stainless steel and ceramic with very high resistance and above all certified 100% in contact with food, thus making the surfaces antibacterial and easy to clean, the VIDALI Outdoor Kitchens combine three fundamental characteristics: durability, resistance and functionality. They are suitable for cooking any food in a healthy way and to resist atmospheric agents. A mix that allows you to create stations that are suitable for cooking any food in a healthy way, without added fats, without producing smoke and, at the same time, that can last over time. The customer will have the possibility to choose every detail such as finishes, coatings, accessories, appliances, functionality, methods and cooking preferences. And to adapt them to the space available.

100% Made in Italy certified outdoor kitchens

Each VIDALI Outdoor Kitchen will therefore be a unique piece of design and certified 100% made in Italy, a synthesis of tradition, innovation of materials and creativity that knows how to combine aesthetics and functionality. Each Vidali outdoor kitchen marries your outdoor environment in perfect harmony thanks to the many ceramic finishes available.

Choose the model you like best

There are four lines proposed, from which to start to arrive at the definition of the perfect kitchen for your needs:

  • Quid
  • Quiddy
  • Sunny
  • Kucino

See for yourself some of our creations

Vidali Outdoor Kitchen
Cucine da esterno Uniche Durevoli Italiane


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