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The revolutionary outdoor kitchen

Create your outdoor

Create your outdoor

Elegance and functionality

Quid is innovation

Leveraging the know-how of different and complementary sectors, we manage to create an apparently simple object but that incorporates many technical challenges.

QUID is the union of naval steel and ceramics of the latest generation, this new combination, can make you live outside.
For the first time a kitchen is not afraid of the water of the ice saltiness or all weather, suitable for your garden in your home but also for restaurants or beaches.

The naval architecture in your garden

Our know-how draws from shipbuilding and naval skills, with details that make the difference.

Such as the door, with its “beak” inside that is not just a design element but it also doubles as a drip plate in case of rain.

In fact the water will follow the inclination of the door's beak and drain into a special drainage channel to finally escape from a specially studied duct.

In this way, kitchenware, dishes and food will remain dry and protected from atmospheric agents.


La mia cucina da esterno

what I choose

QUID is tailormade
The range of customizations is really wide: top, doors, crates and steel interiors are available in 40 different colors for a better integration with the features and furnishing of the external environment that you want to enhance due to the presence of an Outdoor Kitchen.

Sportelli e gambe sono disponibili in molte altre finiture.
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Outdoor Kitchen is born from the union of the experience of three different professionals coming from different but complementary sectors: furniture industry, surface stone processing and design. A synergy created by the interaction among a solid and multi-year experience in machining of furniture, an in-depth knowledge of composite materials for outdoor environments and a highly innovative design approach. From the meeting of these skills is born the idea of specializing in the design and industrial production of outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor Kitchen proposes itself as a point of reference on the market regarding the design and production of highly customizable outdoor kitchen. Unique kitchens but based on common aesthetic and functional research as well as the application of the best available technology.

Il marchio Outdoor Kitchen garantisce la qualità di un prodotto realizzato interamente in Italia, unendo materiali di alta qualità, know-how tecnico, design e tradizione artigianale. Attenti alle continue evoluzioni del mercato, proponiamo soluzioni d’arredamento curate nei dettagli e sempre attuali, assicurando ai clienti un design innovativo ma sobrio ed equilibrato.